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Welcome to ADELSY web site


ADELSY is an engineering and consultancy company active in electronics, computers sciences and systems, located in the Italian part of Switzerland, founded in 1986 by Bruno Storni* as an independent management owned company.


Our chief interest are the application of advanced electronics, real time software, telematics and systems technologies to embedded computer, industrial process control and the space technology sectors.


Adelsy's staff has been involved in space technologies since 1982.

We have a very large professional engineering know how built on a long experience dealing with advanced industrial and space technology projects (see pages references industrial and space).


Main area of activity is in aerospace engineering sector with the design of Electronic Ground Support Equipment for different on boards subsystems and systems connected to the mostly used ESA on board buses.


* Bruno Storni

Member of the Federal Commission of Space Affairs

Member of ESA Work group for CAN in Space

Teaching microcontrollers and computers sciences at

University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland


Via Cantonale





Tel.: +41 91 859 28 51

Fax: +41 91 859 28 51


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